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Magnetic and attractive products offer a level of versatility for exhibition displays that other materials simply cannot match. The products we supply to designers and creators of exhibition stands across Europe allow quick and efficient assembly whilst maintaining the strength and security that is key to a successful and safe display or structure. 

We also have a range of media ideal for creating vivid displays that can be rolled for transportation, quickly installed and held in place indefinitely by magnetic attraction.

Our media is also utilised by our magnetic display system Attract®, a versatile method of displaying visuals within frames that can be suspended, wall mounted, floor standing or used on counter tops.


We offer three types of universally printable media: digifilm® ferrous media, supamag® flexible magnetic sheet and supaferro® flexible ferro sheet. All are suitable for use on flat or curved surfaces.

digifilm® is used in conjunction with adhesive-backed supamag® flexible magnetic sheet. Applying the supamag® flexible magnetic sheet to a wall creates a magnetic face to which multiple layers of digifilm® can be added thanks to its thin, light and flexible nature. digifilm® allows the creation of multi-layered displays where graphics can be added and removed as desired.

supaferro® flexible ferrous sheet is best suited to form single-layer displays and works in a similar fashion to digifilm® in that it is applied to the magnetic face of wall mounted supamag® flexible magnetic sheet.

supamag® magnetic sheet can be used to form displays where a ferrous surface is available upon which it can be mounted. An alternative method is to form a ferrous surface by applying adhesive-backed supaferro® flexible ferrous sheet to a wall to receive the printed supamag® flexible magnetic sheet sheet.

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The Attract® magnetic display system comprises a sleek aluminium alloy frame containing is a high-quality magnetic panel to attract and hold multiple layers of printed digifilm®. Attract® can be wall-mounted, suspended or free-standing with floor and counter top units available. Visit the Attract® brand page for details.

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Magnetic tape is a popular method of mounting exhibition displays. Applying adhesive-backed magnetic tape to a display frame and also the graphics ensures perfect alignment, a secure magnetic hold and rapid assembly.

An alternative method is to use adhesive-backed steel tape on the display framework. The ferrous surface of the steel tape will work in conjunction with magnetic tape mounted to the graphics, providing a secure hold and quick assembly.

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We have developed magedge® to seamlessly join large format displays. magedge® is co-extruded flexible edge-to-edge magnet that we manufacture at our Sheffield facility. magedge® was granted a patent in 2002 and is the world's first co-extruded magnetic tape. 

magedge®: co-extruded rare earth magnetic tape that seamlessly joins displays side by side. The flexibility of magedge® allows displays to be rolled up tightly into compact portable units. No other magnetic tape gives such a clean, powerful, aesthetically pleasing solution for large, landscape displays.

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Magnetic tape and neodymium magnets are versatile and secure methods of mounting to a ferrous surface, whilst still allowing adjustments to be made.

Neodymium magnets are small yet immensely powerful and can be used to create innovative and eye catching displays on a vertical wall or ceiling. A full ferrous wall or ceiling is not required; we supply adhesive-backed steel discs that provide an excellent attractive surface for neodymium magnets.

Magnetic tape allows printed media or products to be mounted directly to a ferrous surface. Where no ferrous surface is present magnetic tape is used in conjunction with adhesive-backed steel tape that provides a ferrous surface to which the magnetic tape is attracted.

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