The strongest, lightest and thinnest magnetic sheet on the market

  • Easy Use

  • Lower Environmental Impact

  • Stronger Pull

  • Thinner & Lighter

  • Money Saving

50% Stronger

If superior holding force is what you want, ULTRA is what you need. At 0.45mm magnet thickness, ULTRA is up to 50% stronger than the industry standard of 0.75mm.

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40% Lighter

Make transportation more efficient and lower your carbon footprint with Ultra. At 0.45mm magnet thickness, and compared to the industry standard of 0.75mm, ULTRA is up to 40% lighter.

40% Thinner

ULTRA is 40% thinner than the industry standard of 0.75mm magnet thickness when compared with Ultra at 0.45mm. This makes print runs more efficient and reduces the wear and tear on your expensive equipment.

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Lighter Environmental Footprint

supamag® ULTRA has unique qualities that make it a greener option. It is thinner and lighter yet stronger than traditional magnetic sheet, enabling you to do more with less. The reduced weight makes it more efficient to transport, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint. It is PVC-free and laminated with PET so it can be taken to a specialist facility and recycled.

Easier on Equipment

  • Wider and longer rolls for less changeovers to make print runs more efficient
  • • Lays ‘Ultra’ flat, giving a less undulated print.
  • • Thinner & lighter so less demanding on expensive printers
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Do More With Less

• Up to 50% stronger
• Up to 40% lighter
• Up to 40% thinner
• Unbeatable power-to-weight ratio
• Less stress on expensive printers
• Wider rolls for more efficient print runs
• Up to 3x longer material reducing changeover time
• Easier to handle and use in printing and application
• Lower environmental impact and reduced shipping costs
• Laminated with white matt PET (free from PVC)

Talk to one of our experts to discuss your sample requirements so you can experience the power ofsupamag® ULTRAand startdoingmore with less…

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