Manufacture and Assembly

A Full Design, Prototype and Engineering Workshop at Our Sheffield Site

Established for nearly 40 years, we have unrivalled knowledge in the application and use of magnetic materials and assemblies. We design, manufacture and refurbish bespoke magnetic assemblies for a range of industries and applications, including:

Fixing & Fastening, Manufacturing, Recycling, Retail, Transport, Education, Production, Filtration and Separation, Automotive, Building & Construction, Conveyor Systems

Our Sheffield facility is equipped with comprehensive facilities, housing all the necessary equipment to design and engineer your bespoke product utilising a range of advanced equipment, including lathes, presses, linishers, magnetisers, injection moulding machines and extruders.

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Fixings & Fastenings

We specialise in providing a wide range of fixing and fastening magnets to meet your unique requirements. Our extensive magfix® range includes MagPadsNeoPadsNeo Pots, Hexagonal magnets, anisotropic ferrite and neodymium hook magnetsTenPinmarker and notice board magnets, Channel Magnets, and boutique magnets®.

Our fixings and fastening magnets provide superior holding power for a variety of applications. They securely hold objects in place, allowing for effortless positioning and stability. Whether you need to hold signage, fixtures, or other items, we offer a dependable solution to ensure your objects stay securely in place. Additionally, our magfix range includes products designed with a rubber coating, ideally suited to applications where additional shear strength is required or you need to protect your receptive surfaces from scratches or damage.

Our Neo Pots harness high-performance neodymium magnets, delivering immense magnetic force. They are ideal for industrial applications that require powerful holding or precision positioning in projects. With our Neo Pots and hexagonal magnets, you can confidently tackle any project knowing that you have the strength and reliability you need. Similarly, our Hexagonal magnets are created by taking a regular Neo Pot magnet, and alterring the edges to create a hexagonal shape. These serve the same purpose as our Neo Pots, but provide a more aesthetic touch. 

Our channel magnets are manufactured by placing a ferrite magnet inside a steel housing to offer an alternative to NeoPads. They securely attach to various surfaces, making them an excellent choice for mounting, hanging, and organising. Our channel magnets provide reliable and adaptable solutions for your diverse holding needs. 

We have successfully partnered with industry leaders to manufacture bespoke magnetic assemblies, such as an anti-spark boutique magnet® and anti-ligature Neo Pots. These serve as powerful testimonials to our understanding and proficiency in providing specialised solutions. 

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Injection Moulding

Anchor Magnets injection moulding department manufactures a variety of standard and bespoke products. These range from whiteboard magnets to more complex over-moulds. Using the best materials, these products can benefit many sectors from aesthetic enhancements, to safety.

Our boutique magnets®neodymium pads and marker magnets are all examples of our injection-moulded products. These products are designed to provide our customers with innovative and effective solutions for a variety of needs, from holding items securely in place to marking important information.

Solid rubber compounds offer several key benefits that make them ideal for applications where a strong shear (vertical) force is required. One of the most important of these is their high coefficient of friction. This means that they are able to create a strong grip on the surface they are placed on, which is critical for maintaining a strong shear force. They are extremely durable and long-lasting, even in challenging environments. This means that our products are able to maintain their holding force over time.. The protective rubber coating prevents scratches and damage, providing reliable surface protection.

By producing these products in-house using injection moulding technology, we are able to maintain a high level of quality control throughout the production process. Each product we produce is of the highest standard, and our customers can rely on them to perform effectively and reliably.

Need something bespoke? Whatever it may be, we have the experience and knowledge to give you the product you need. From personalisation to specially coated magnets, we have you covered.

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Filtration & Separation

When preparing products, unwanted ferrous content can be present, posing a serious risk to the quality and safety of your end product. We have the expertise to help you tackle this problem. Our team can design and manufacture, or refurbish bespoke systems to remove these foreign objects, eliminating the risk of downtime or costly product recalls.

Magnetic filtration and separation systems are engineered to fit seamlessly into your existing production line. Whether these objects are in powder, granules, or liquid form, our magnetic filtration and separation systems can be configured to remove ferrous contaminants. They can be installed in pipework or above conveyor belts, allowing your product to pass through the magnetic field for efficient separation of any foreign objects.

Our systems are designed to be reliable and low maintenance, ensuring that your production line remains up and running smoothly. With our magnetic filtration and separation systems in place, your end product will meet the highest quality and safety standards, and you'll avoid costly disruptions to your operations.

Neodymium magnets are the preferred choice for many industrial applications due to their high magnetic strength and reliability. They are proven in filtration and separation and are resistant to demagnetisation, ensuring consistent performance. 

Material Handling Systems

You may use a magnetic material handling system to accelerate your processes. Our bespoke systems offer an efficient means of transporting ferrous items through the manufacturing process. This is particularly advantageous for manufacturing magnetically receptive objects in large quantities.

Our state-of-the-art conveyors and pulleys are magnetised, eliminating the need for a power supply to hold items such as paint tins, aerosols, or food tins as they move between manufacturing stages. While the conveyor belt requires power to convey items, the magnetism holds items in place without the need for additional energy.

Due to the varied sizes of tins and cans, the length and width of a conveyor system are typically customised. Our engineering team will design a bespoke system to your exact specifications, assemble, and then magnetise for maximum efficiency.

A key component of these assemblies are our ferrite blocks. These blocks are used to create the magnetic field to transport items through the manufacturing process. The cutting process is done in-house by our team of experienced engineers, who ensure that each block is precisely shaped to fit the unique requirements of each system. Once the ferrite blocks have been cut to shape, they are carefully assembled and magnetised on-site and fitted into your bespoke conveyor system. 

We design and manufacture conveyor systems which are not only highly efficient but also durable and long-lasting. Whether you are manufacturing magnetically receptive objects in high volume or simply looking to streamline your production process, our magnetic material handling systems are the perfect solution for your needs.

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Case Study - RS Bruce

In 2023, we were approached by RS Bruce , a precious metal recovery business in Sheffield. Their over band magnet, used to recover metals from either liquid or solid wastes, was underperforming. 

We received the magnet and, upon opening up its steel casing, the magnet fell apart.

Our engineering team realised this was going to be a complete refurbishment. So, out went the old parts, and in came the brand-new, powerful magnets.

The result? A full refurbishment, an overperforming magnet, and a very happy customer!

"The magnet is great. So much stronger than beforehand and is doing exactly what we need, thank you for your efforts." - Dean Fisher, Project Manager for RS Bruce

Gavin Green and Steve Barley, our engineering leads during the refurbishment, had this to say:

"This is a great example of what the engineering team at Anchor Magnets can do. We worked together and created a very powerful magnet. We're very happy with the result."


While magnets are known for their durability and permanent (under normal operating conditions) magnetic strength, it's important to note that like any material or machinery, they can become damaged and underperform in  imperfect conditions. We have the right tools and knowledge to help you restore your old equipment to its original strength and functionality, saving you time and money.

Our team has years of experienced eveloping and manufactured our own magnetic systems. From simple flexible magnetic extrusions to large-scale ferrite assemblies, we have the expertise and technology to handle any project you may have.

When it comes to old equipment, we take pride in our ability to turn something old or damaged into something new and functional. As Gavin Green, a member of our Engineering team, notes: "We love the challenge of taking something that isn’t performing at its best or is damaged and turning it into something fresh and efficient."

So, whether you require a refurbishment, or you simply want to ensure that your equipment is performing at its best, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals. 

We're excited to share a recent success story with you, in which we had the opportunity to restore an old, failing magnet to its former strength and functionality. We've put together a case study to highlight the process we went through to achieve this remarkable transformation, complete with before and after photos!

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For further information, please speak to one of our experts and let us know what your requirements are. With our understanding of magnets and their applications, we will be able to advise, design and manufacture the right products to suit your requirements.

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