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Primarily used by the sign and vehicle industries to magnetically grip hold, vinyl, and decals in place during application. 

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  • Magnetic Sign Gripper Magnetic Sign Gripper
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    Thickness: 9.3mm
    Weight: 34g
    Diameter: 43mm
    Finish: Resin
    Colour: Black
    Magnetisation: 6 Pole
    Pull Force: 8kg
    Holding Force: 4kg
    UOM: Each

Sign grippers are designed specifically for sign makers to assist with mounting and applying graphics, vinyl wraps, and decals to vehicles.

We manufacture our sign grippers from rare earth neodymium magnets and soft rubber to prevent marking to the surface on which the magnet is mounted or the graphic or vinyl being applied.

By combining neodymium magnets with a rubber housing, the sign grippers exhibit both a strong pull force and shear resistance, so, once applied, they will not move until you remove them yourself.