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Steel Tape is a useful and simple way of creating a magnetically receptive surface in the absence of steel or other ferrous metals.


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Steel tape works in partnership with supamag Magnetic Tape by providing a receptive surface to which flexible magnetic material such as supamag Magnetic Tape can be applied.

This approach is commonly used in industries that utilise imagery, signage, or informative displays such as retail or warehousing to magnetically mount printed media.

By using corresponding widths of steel tape and magnetic tape the receptive surface to which the magnetic tape is applied is discreetly hidden away behind the mounted media or signage.

The surface to which the steel tape will be mounted will usually determine which adhesive is used, we bond the chosen adhesive to the steel tape in-house and ship it ready for use. 

Once the steel tape has been aligned and mounted to a surface printed graphics or signage to which magnetic tape has been applied can quickly be installed with no effort.