4 Reasons Why You Should Use supamag® Magnetic Sheet For Vehicle Advertising

4 Reasons Why You Should Use supamag® Magnetic Sheet For Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle advertising is an incredibly cost effective way of promoting your company and its services. A great way to draw the attention of both pedestrians and motorists not only while you’re on the go, but also while you’re parked up. Vinyl wraps and stickers are a common solution, yet, in our expert opinion, a restrictive form of vehicle advertising. Magnetic sheet offers far more flexible capabilities, and so we’ve rounded up 4 reasons why you should choose supamag® Magnetic Sheet for your vehicle advertising.

It’s weatherproof

We’ve put our supamag® Magnetic Sheet through rigorous testing and can confirm that, providing the user follows our care & use leaflet, it maintains optimum performance in all types of weather conditions. As well as being fully waterproof, our magnetic sheet is UV coated. supamag® Magnetic Sheet can withstand strong winds and high speeds (as long as there are no air gaps between the material and vehicle) making it reliable for use on dual carriages and motorways. 

No damage upon removal

Even though the pull strength of our vehicle grade magnetic sheet is one of the highest in Europe at 52g/cm2, you won’t see any damage to your vehicle when you remove the sheet (providing the user follows our care & use leaflet). The flexibility of supamag® Magnetic Sheet helps to provide the ultimate fit. It seamlessly follows the grooves of your vehicle.

Bespoke printing

Unlike ready made magnets, magnetic sheet can be printed with any design you desire. From contact details and promotional USPs, to simple logos and eye catching illustrations, there’s no limit to what you could promote on your vehicle.

Our supamag® Magnetic Sheet comes in various widths of 620, 1000, 1200mm and can be cut to bespoke sizes.

No commitment needed

Magnetic sheet is a great solution for temporary advertising, making it ideal for vehicles that aren’t strictly for business use. supamag® Magnetic Sheet can be removed and reapplied when the need arises, making it a superior solution for flexible advertising. As well as long-term brand awareness, magnetic sheet allows the freedom for short term advertising campaigns and limited time promotions, which can be easily swapped out when desired.

If you want to find out more about supamag® Magnetic Sheet and how it can transform your vehicle, click here or alternatively email sales@anchormagnets.com.

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