Heat Your Room Not Your Wall

So Easy

No installation costs, just slide panels behind your radiator & they magnetically snap into place

warmroom is an innovative heat saving product that reduces heat loss through your wall and instead reflects that heat back into your room, maximising the valuable energy used to heat your space.

• Magnetic, reflective panels attach instantly to the rear of your radiator
• Cost-effective heat shield panels that reduce heat loss through walls by up to 60%
• Quick & easy to install without removing radiators
• Save energy & money
• Accelerates temperature rise in the room
• Reusable over and over again

  • Easy to Install

    The magnetic heat saving panels are ready to install right out of the pack. However you can easily resize them to your requirements with a quick snip of a pair of scissors. Then simply snap them to the back of your radiator, maximising the valuable energy used to heat your room.

  • Retains Heat

    The magnetic panels reduce heat loss through your walls by reflecting that heat back into your room instead. Tests conducted by Sheffield University have shown warmroom can reduce heat loss by up to 60%!

  • Saves Money

    For a one-off cost, warmroom could potentially help to reduce your energy bills too. With its heat saving properties, you may not need the heating on for as long or turned up as high.

  • British Made

  • Easy Fit

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Reflects Heat Energy

  • Movable & Reusable

  • Money Saving

One of the key features of this product is just how easy it is to fit...

Technical Specification

warmroom consists of an aluminium heat shield bonded to a high performing flexible magnetic sheet. These magnetic properties enable it to easily adhere to the rear of steel radiators.

The low emissivity of the aluminium inhibits the transfer of heat, preventing it from reaching and passing through the wall behind the radiator. Whilst the magnetic element ensures that the product is quick and easy to fit, eliminating any need to remove the radiator first.

warmroom is an innovative, cost-effective solution that can be used as an alternative or companion to other forms of insulation within your home.

Width: 195mm
Length: 500mm
Weight: 1.9kg
Finish: Aluminium
Colour: Silver
UOM: 6 Sheets

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