Retail Point of Sale (POS)

Magnets are a versatile way of displaying point of sale material whether temporary or permanent in nature. We have developed a host of magnetic products that allow retailers to discreetly and securely hang, hold or fix their POS signage.


The shear strength provided by our boutique magnets® and magfix® Neodymium Neopads allows them to resist forces that would cause other magnets to slide along the ferrous surface on which they're mounted.

We design, manufacture and supply a wide variety of products with a choice of fixings or apertures that offer superb shear resistance, allowing retailers to hold, hang or mount POS securely, discreetly and without leaving marks. Visit our boutique magnets® and magfix® Neodymium Neopads product pages for more information.

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For those instances when the strength of the magnetic contact grip is paramount, we have an array of neodymium rare earth magnets designed and manufactured for use in the retail industry.

We can supply magnetic pads, pot magnets, countersunk magnets, neodymium bar and blocks, and neodymium discs and rings as well as a variety of fixings including studs, hooks, eyelets and apertures. Whatever the POS fixing, we have a magnet that can do the job.

We have the capability to design and manufacture bespoke solutions to suit specific requirements with elements of our current product selection beginning life as custom products.

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Retailers looking for an unobtrusive and effective POS partner should consider magnets where steel or another ferrous metal is present. By providing discreet holding, hanging and fixing solutions without compromising on performance, our rare earth neodymium magnets are the logical choice for retailers looking to temporarily or permanently site POS material.

Depending on the size and method of display, we manufacture and supply a variety of neodymium pot magnets, magnetic pads, rubber-coated boutique magnets®, and hook magnets ideal for retail POS.

We also have the expertise and experience to invent and manufacture a solution or new variant of an existing product where a bespoke requirement exists.

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The ability to quickly position or replace POS material is a common requirement. We manufacture a number of magnetic products that facilitate the quick placement and replacement of in-store signage.

As well as a comprehensive range of magnetic hooks, we also offer retail graphic holders which utilise magnetics to hold the media in place whilst the holders themselves can be suspended from ceilings, or wall or window mounted.

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Supamag® magnetic tape is used throughout Europe by outlets such as supermarkets to position shelving dividers on steel or other ferrous shelving and within chill cabinets and chest freezers. 

Our magnetic tape provides retailers with a secure yet adaptable solution to rotating and relocating stock or accommodating differently sized products.

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When no steel or other ferrous surfaces are present, magnets can still be used to display POS media. To provide retailers with the benefits of a quick change and repositionable magnetic display, we've designed retail graphic holders that hold POS material in place via magnetic strips.

Our clipmag® Graphic Holders can be fixed to windows and walls or suspended from ceilings, making them a versatile POS option where magnets wouldn't usually be useable.

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Non-ferrous surfaces can still be used to magnetically display POS media via the application of adhesive-backed steel tape to create a receptive surface. This allows POS media with magnetic tape applied to the rear to be mounted and held in place indefinitely.

Changing the POS media when new messages or graphics are required is a quick and simple job and can be carried out by store staff with zero down-time and without the need for specialist installation teams.

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ATTRACT® is a free-standing, hanging or wall-mounted magnetic display system which is ideal for POS promotion. ATTRACT® utilises an internal magnetic surface to hold multiple layers of digifilm® ferrous media. Promotional messages can be added on top of or removed from the base image or message as required.

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Take a look at how our digifilm® is applied to an ATTRACT® board