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We've designed and created a number of products that are suited to use in the office or home environments, including our magnetic heat saver warmroom®, organisational magnets, replaceable signage and ways to refresh office spaces.


Install vivid displays that revitalise meeting rooms, break areas, office floors and receptions, creating a positive working environment for every company's most valuable asset, their employees.

Using one of our universally-printable flexible media in conjunction with adhesive-backed magnetic or ferrous sheet produces an easily-installed display on flat or curved walls that can be changed quickly if required.

Option 1: printed digifilm® in conjunction with adhesive-backed supamag® magnetic sheet for a multi layer display, ideal for adding welcome or motivational messages.

Option 2: printed supamag® magnetic sheet in conjunction with adhesive-backed ferrous sheet.

Option 3: printed supaferro® ferrous sheet in conjunction with adhesive-backed magnetic sheet.

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Signage that can be changed quickly and with a minimum of effort is easily created using our magnetic and attractive products.

Overhead Signage

Option 1: Form a receptive surface with our adhesive-backed supaferro® ferrous sheet and mount printed supamag® magnetic sheet on top to create your signage.

Option 2: Form a magnetic surface with our adhesive-backed supamag® magnetic sheet and mount printed supaferro® ferrous sheet on top.

Shelving & Door Signage

Mount magnetic C profile directly to steel shelving, which can be removed or relocated when needed. Where a steel surface isn't available use our adhesive-backed steel tape to create a receptive surface. C profile is ideal for holding printed inserts, which can be replaced as often as you like.

Wall Signage

Install large format wall signage such as health & safety information, welcome messages or floor plans by using adhesive-backed magnetic or ferro sheet on a flat or curved wall space. Once in place, mount printed supaferro® ferrous sheet or printed supamag® magnetic sheet on top and your signage is complete.

If you want to to replace the signage, simply remove the printed sheet and add another.

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Magnetic and receptive materials are commonly used in the workplace to create visual planning surfaces, management systems or to display information via receptive boards.

Visual Planning Walls & Boards

Receptive surfaces to which magnets will attract and grip are commonly referred to as 'magnetic'. Our supaferro® ferrous sheet is ideal for creating a magnetically receptive surface, with dry wipe supaferro® ferrous sheet the ideal product for creating interactive visual planning surfaces that can be written on and be used in conjunction with magnets to hold images, plans or notes.

Document Holders

supamag® magnetic tape is commonly used in conjunction with 'magnetic boards' to create document holders or covers as part of a visual management system or as a stand alone item to display information within the workplace such as health & safety guidelines or operating instructions.

Office Magnets

We supply a number of different office magnets for use on 'magnetic boards', each with different characteristics. Our office magnets are ideal for holding notices, documents and visual planning. Further information can be found on the Office Magnets product page.

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Our magnetic heat saver is aptly named warmroom® Magnetic Radiator Heat Saver and reduces heat loss, heating costs and carbon emissions. warmroom® is quick and easily to install, without the need to remove radiators and works instantly. Further information can be found on the warmroom® product page.

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Change the appearance of 'white goods' appliances or other ferrous surfaces in the home such as filing cabinets with Fridge Art®. Create a unique look, replicate your favourite artwork or use a much-loved picture to transform a space or room. Easily installed, removed or replaced as desired. For more information please call us on 0114 244 1171.

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Magnets are ideal for use in the kitchen or home office to display reminders and photos. We supply a range of magnets suitable for this purpose and further information can be found on Office Magnets product page.

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Installing warmroom® Magnetic Heat Saver to the rear of radiators reduces heat loss, heating bills and lowers carbon emissions. Thanks to its magnetic properties, warmroom® means that radiators don't need to be removed for it to be fitted. Visit the warmroom® product page for further information.

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