boutique magnets®

  • High pull strength
  • Discreet size
  • Non-marking
  • Bespoke options available
  • Rubber-coated to prevent sliding
  • Wide range of sizes

The boutique magnet brand comprises an ever expanding range of rubber-coated neodymium magnets with a variety of studs and apertures.

The brand name originates from the product's initial application creating POS displays and signage in high-end fashion outlets, where powerful discreet magnets with unparalleled shear strength were vital.

Since their introduction, use of our boutique magnets has broadened and they are now used in other industries wherever a high shear resistance is required.

For further information on the range visit the boutique magnets product page.

You can also download our boutique magnet brochure.

Technical Data

boutique magnets®

We conduct regular tests on all of our products to ensure they meet regulations as well as our own high standards. We are in the process of updating all of our Technical Data Sheets where you will be able to determine whether this product meets your requirements.