Bespoke Magnetic Tape – We’ve been doing this for decades!

Bespoke Magnetic Tape – We’ve been doing this for decades!

For the past four decades, we at Anchor Magnets have been the driving force behind cutting-edge magnetic materials, serving a diverse array of industries. We specialise in high-strength and precision products, carving a niche for ourselves by offering innovative solutions that understand the unique needs of clients demanding more than just ‘off the shelf’ products and materials.

At the heart of our success is the craft of manufacturing bespoke magnetic tape profiles tailored for a multitude of applications. From Automated Guided Vehicle Sensors to Warehouse labelling, and from Indoor and Outdoor Advertising to Engineering and OEM applications, our offerings cover a broad spectrum. Anchored in our ability to fashion custom shapes such as flat profiles, T-profiles, I-profiles, C-profiles, trapeziums, and more, we ensure that our clients receive precisely what they need.

Our secret weapon is in our dedicated team of experienced engineers who collaboratively work with clients throughout the design and prototyping journey. We are the sole company in the UK to manage design, prototype, and manufacture in-house flexible extruded magnets, making us a trusted partner to hundreds of loyal clients.

With our state-of-the-art facility in Sheffield housing six extrusion lines, we boast an impressive production capacity. We can extrude up to 30,000 meters per day, guaranteeing short lead times for high-volume orders. If we ran our extruding lines continuously for a year, the extrusion created would span the distance from Sheffield to Australia and back again!

We go beyond manufacturing by providing additional services such as laminating with premium and foam adhesives, kiss-cutting, and customer packing for a seamless out-of-the-box experience. You even have the option to supply your own materials for lamination, and we will finish the job off for you to meet our turnaround requirement.

As we proudly celebrate 40 years of magnetic expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, we stand tall at the forefront of providing high-strength magnetic products and materials. With our team dedicated to personalised service, efficient production, and eco-friendly practices, Anchor Magnets remains your preferred choice for not just magnetic excellence, but a partnership founded on trust and shared values.

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