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supamag Magnetic Sheet is Europe's best performing flexible magnetic sheet, boasting high power-to-weight ratios, and works directly with ferrous surfaces such as steel or flexible ferrous materials. 

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Wide-format and universally printable, supamag is the preferred choice when high performance is key.

The flexible nature of supamag transfers to its applications, and thanks to this versatility, supamag can be used to produce large-format magnetic graphics displays, signage, promotional material or to work in conjunction with digifilm to create rapid change, layered retail graphics or supaferro for changeable displays.

supamag Magnetic Sheet is manufactured using the highest performing ferrite material mixed with a thermoplastic binder and magnetised on one side for the maximum magnetic performance.

Suitable for both roll-to-roll and flatbed printing processes with a choice of white matt, gloss vinyl, or PET finish. Adhesive-backed variants are available for bonding directly to various surfaces.

  • Highest performing magnetic sheet in Europe;
  • available as plain, double sided, adhesive-backed, white matt and white gloss;
  • universally printable range - UV, solvent (eco), screen and latex (options for latex printing are available on request);
  • use in conjunction with digifilm to create multi-layered displays;
  • suitable for flat or curved surfaces;
  • easily changed, cost-effective media;
  • works with any ferrous surface;
  • adhesive options available.