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warmroom® Magnetic Radiator Heat Saver

warmroom® Magnetic Radiator Heat Saver

Instantly make rooms cosier with warmroom.

We all yearn for that cosy feeling at home, especially when it’s cold outside. We can help you achieve that with our patented magnetic heat saver, created to reduce heat loss, bills and your carbon footprint.

Tests conducted by Sheffield University have shown warmroom can reduce heat loss through walls by up to 60%, keeping warmth focused on you and your room.

Warmroom consists of an aluminium heat shield, bonded to a high-performing flexible magnetic sheet which secures it to the rear of steel radiators. It then starts to immediately reflect heat back within the room.

Each pack contains six panels, enough to cover an average-sized radiator and anyone can fit warmroom, it’s really very easy, saving on installation cost and with no removal of radiators.

Let us help you get prepared for winter and start saving on energy bills. You can buy your own warmroom here, or give us a call on 0114 244 1171 to find out more.

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  • Kate -

    The warm room radiator panels all show radiator that are attached to external walls is this product safe to use on internal walls or those connecting a semi detached house