Magnetic Tape & its Range of Adhesives

Magnetic Tape & its Range of Adhesives

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed, we'd like to share insights into our versatile range of adhesives that can be laminated to our flexible magnetic tape.
You may already be familiar with our Standard, Premium, Foam, and Tesa® adhesives, but do you know of the many ways they can elevate your projects? Below we'll talk about the unique attributes of each adhesive, opening doors to possibilities you might not have explored. 

Standard Adhesive

Our standard adhesive is a transparent, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) designed for indoor use. It is a modified solvent-based acrylic, perfectly suited for flat paper or board, and boasts a tissue carrier with a siliconised craft paper liner for seamless application. Widely embraced across industries such as closures, digital printers, retail displays, and more, it has become a symbol of reliability and versatility.

Premium Adhesive

Now, let's spotlight our Premium PSA: a modified solvent-based acrylic that goes above and beyond. Resistant to plasticisers, it forges a robust bond, surpassing standard adhesives for its applications. Tailored for PVC products, it finds its sweet spot with foamex and acrylics, making it the adhesive of choice in dynamic industries like pop-up systems and exhibition design and build.

Foam Adhesive

Our foam PSA is a modified solvent-based acrylic adhesive that is UV-stabilised for enduring outdoor use and exceptional bonding on both flat and uneven surfaces. Its white composition makes it an ideal choice for diverse industries, including POS, signage, visual communication, and secondary double-glazing.

Tesa® Adhesive

In our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions, we also have the option of a range of tesa® adhesives. These are industry-renowned adhesives known for their reliability and strength.

Tesa® 51865 PSA

Tesa® 51865 is a robust modified solvent-based acrylic adhesive that boasts maximum flexibility and versatility across various surfaces. Notably high-tack, what sets it apart is its thicker coat weight (on the liner-covered side)– an appealing feature for those seeking enhanced bonding on a diverse range of materials, especially those with low surface energy like plastics (PP / PE).

Tesa® 4965 PSA

Now, let's spotlight tesa® 4965, meticulously crafted for low-energy surfaces such as plastics. This adhesive marvel, featuring a filmic liner and PET carrier, seamlessly aligns with your project needs. 4965 is especially resistant to plasticisers even at elevated temperatures & has excellent shear strength. Dive into the unique benefits this tape brings to the table and witness the tailored precision it lends to applications in pop-up systems and acrylic materials. The imagery below shows this adhesive on our patented magedge® profile.

Tesa® 4967 PSA

Tesa® 4967 is akin to its counterpart 4965 but with a sleek twist. Featuring a thinner coat weight, which improves static shear resistance, this adhesive effortlessly delivers reliability for your projects.

Tesa® 4957 PSA

Primarily used for our secondary double-glazing kits, its white P.E (Polyethylene) foam and robust adhesive ensures a strong bond to the window frame while remaining inconspicuous. It is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor use, and is UV-stabilised with excellent age resistance. We hope this journey through our magnetic tape and their adhesive offerings has sparked curiosity and inspired new possibilities for your projects. At Anchor Magnets, we're dedicated to providing solutions that exceed expectations. If you have any questions, please contact me on, or call the office on 0114 244 1171.

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