Bespoke Magnetic Fixings for Vehicle Signage

Bespoke Magnetic Fixings for Vehicle Signage

A few years ago, we were approached by a leading company in automotive display solutions to design and manufacture a robust magnetic fixing assembly for plastic signs used on vehicle roofs in forecourts. Our challenge was to ensure secure attachment, even under varied weather conditions.

Prototyping and Development

We began by creating and sending prototype samples for evaluation, which led to further refinements based on client feedback. This collaborative process resulted in improved samples that met our client's needs.

Achieving Optimal Magnetic Performance

A key factor was ensuring the correct Shore hardness of the rubber to optimise the magnets' performance in shear applications. This was essential to maintain a strong hold without slipping.

Protecting and Enhancing the Design

To protect and enhance the design, we proposed adding their logo to the pad during the injection moulding process. The client preferred the "Made in Sheffield" emblem, symbolising quality and local craftsmanship, which also safeguarded the design's uniqueness.

Precision Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process included:

  • Steel Pressing and Zinc Plating: Steel was pressed out of a sheet and zinc plated.
  • Alignment and Assembly: Steel plate was aligned with the neodymium magnets and pads in a jig.
  • Application of Adhesives: Magnets and pads were glued to the steel.
  • Incorporating Mild Steel Washers: Washers were added to fill the overall pad depth.
  • Locating Lip: A lip on the steel backing served as a crucial locator within the sign tray.

Unique Features and Market Differentiation

Our slim neodymium assembly, steel-backed with a distinctive blue pad, set our product apart in the market. The injection-moulded pad featured the "Made in Sheffield" mark, reinforcing quality and origin.

The design allowed for 2 or 3 neodymium magnets, depending on the required holding force, ensuring it could withstand various conditions. This flexibility made them ideal for forecourt sale signs on cars.

Weather Resistance and Fit

The magnetic neodymium pad was weather-resistant and designed to fit perfectly within the existing moulding of the plastic signs, ensuring seamless integration and a professional appearance.

Through innovative design and rigorous testing, Anchor Magnets has developed a superior magnetic fixing solution for forecourt vehicle signage. Our product, featuring the "Made in Sheffield" logo, guaranteed performance and stands as a testament to quality manufacturing.

For four decades, we have partnered with our clients to deliver exceptional service and high-quality bespoke products. If you have any custom needs, please contact us on +44 (0) 114 244 1171 or email us at

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