Anchor Magnets Employees Set to Run Ladybower Trail Marathon

Anchor Magnets Employees Set to Run Ladybower Trail Marathon

This summer, two members of the Anchor Magnets team are parking their expertise in the field of magnetic products for the day to demonstrate skills which require slightly more energy!

Nils Hofmann and Wojtek Tochel, who are both Business Development Managers here at Anchor Magnets, have decided to take on the intense physical challenge of running the Ladybower Marathon on 10th June 2022.

Preferring to run on trails or countryside roads, rather than in cities, the Ladybower Marathon was the perfect choice for both Nils and Wojtek. Set in the idyllic beauty spot of the Peak District National Park, the fast course of 26.2 miles will be an exciting challenge for them both. But they have been warned not to get too comfortable. The marathon organisers have thrown in a couple of climbs which will take participants high up onto the Derwent edges, followed by some great technical descending.

Nils said, “Running used to be my passion. I would do it daily, for myself, socially with friends, and in a running club. I competed in and always enjoyed long distance events including marathons and ultra marathons.”

In 2019, Nils stopped running regularly to concentrate on football coaching, which was starting to take up most of his time. Having not run any real distances in recent years, he decided to set himself the onerous goal of running a marathon in the hope it would reignite his passion for the sport.

“I’m really pleased to say it has”, said Nils. “I’m looking forward to the marathon. It will feel like a real accomplishment.”

As you would imagine, Nils and Wojtek have been training incredibly hard for the race, with Nils running up to five times a week and Wojtek training three to four times a week. They have been varying the distances and intensities of their runs, with longer stints at the weekend.

Both Nils and Wojtek are dedicated members of the Anchor Magnets team. Nils has worked with the company for over 16 years, and Wojtek has worked with us for 14 years. We’re incredibly proud of them both for showing such hard work and determination in their lives outside of the company as well as in their careers. They are a credit to the team and we wish them all the luck for the marathon.

If you’d like to follow their journey and find out how Nils and Wojtek do in the Ladybower Marathon on 10th June 2022, please keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels.

We're all cheering you on at Anchor HQ!

Nils Hofmann Wojtek Tochel

Nils Hofmann                     Wojtek Tochel

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