A Complete Magnet Refurbishment - A Case Study

A Complete Magnet Refurbishment - A Case Study

In 2023, we were approached by a precious metal recovery business in Sheffield. Their over-band magnet, used to recover metals from either liquid or solid wastes, was underperforming. 

We received the magnet and, upon opening up its steel casing, the magnet fell apart.

Our engineering team realised this was going to be a complete refurbishment. So, out went the old parts, and in came the brand-new, powerful magnets.

The result? A full refurbishment, an overperforming magnet, and a very happy customer!

"The magnet is great. So much stronger than beforehand and is doing exactly what we need, thank you for your efforts." - Project Manager

Gavin Green and Steve Barley, our engineering leads during the refurbishment, had this to say:

"This is a great example of what the engineering team at Anchor Magnets can do. We worked together and created a very powerful magnet. We're very happy with the result."

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