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Innovators in Magnets

On this site, you’ll find out about our vast range of flexible magnet products- Magnetic Sheet and Magnetic Tape. You’ll also find information on our Neodymium Magnets, Hook magnets and other ‘attractive’ flexible products such as Steel Paper, Ferro Sheet and more! Anchor Magnets is also the home of digifilm® – Retail Print Solution. This fantastic product provides rapid-change, layer-able graphics to the Retail and POS industry.

We’re proud to be innovators when it comes magnets and magnetic products. We’ve got patented products and multiple magnet brands under our belt, so for magnetic / associated products, you know you’re in the right place.

Leaders in Magnets and More!

Our vast experience in the magnetic industry, supported by our manufacturing ethos and attitude to business make us market leaders.

We’re innovative and creative in our approach and strive to provide unbeatable solutions and service. We have market-leading knowledge and experience of magnet applications in Retail Display, Exhibition Display, Signage and other markets.

Our Design & Manufacture services provide our clients with bespoke solutions to ensure perfect results. Our dedicated sales team have the experience and determination to provide you with real magnetic solutions for Retail and POS Display, Exhibition Display, Magnetic Signage and Shower Closure applications, so get in touch today.. You might be surprised at what magnets can do for you!

Anchor Magnets Promise

Aside from providing great service and advice to our customers, we also have a strict environmental policy. We’re ZERO landfill. This means that when you’ve finished with your flexible magnetic material, you can return it to us to be 100% recycled and know that none of it will enter landfill.

We are the ONLY manufacturer to take back and recycle used flexible magnet material!