Magnetic Heat Saver

Our patented magnetic heat saver, designed to reduce heat loss, heating bills and carbon emissions.

Designed and manufactured in Sheffield, Warmroom® is our patented magnetic heat saver, which reduces heat loss, carbon emissions and heating costs.

Tests conducted by Sheffield University have shown Warmroom® can reduce the heat lost through walls by up to 60% whilst simultaneously lowering carbon emissions by 19kg/m2 per year.

Warmroom® consists of an aluminium heat shield bonded to a high performing flexible magnetic sheet which allows it to adhere to the rear of steel radiators.

The low emissivity of the aluminium inhibits the transfer of heat preventing it from reaching the wall, and the magnetic element means radiators do not need to be removed, facilitating quick and easy installation by tenants and residents.

Unlike other heat saving products there are no installation costs with Warmroom® making it a cost effective alternative or companion to other forms of insulation.

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Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private landlords and building refurbishment companies should contact us directly for pricing information.