Modern retail environments require a variety of solutions to capture and retain customer's attention, pique their interest or inspire thoughts, promote products and provide information. We specialise in magnetic and attractive solutions to these applications within all aspects of the store or showroom environment.

If you have a retail application which we don't cover below and you're wondering whether there could be a magnetic or attractive solution, contact us and we'll apply our expertise and experience to design a solution to fit your requirements.

Retail Sectors


Visual displays, whether image or information based or a combination of both are key for communicating a variety of messages to customers or potential customers. We offer a number of products, which either work alone or in conjunction with each other to provide retailers with various methods of Retail Visual communication. 


Point of Sale signage, whether promotional or informative in nature can be displayed via a variety of methods. We offer a comprehensive array of magnetic products with point of sale applications, allowing retailers to magnetically fix, hang and hold promotional material in a variety of ways. Visit our Retail POS page to find out more.


Larger and open plan retail environments such as showrooms or the 'shed' style outlets benefit from using a versatile and comprehensive display system. To see how we can assist visit our Retail Showroom page.


View or download our Retail Application brochure to see how our magnetic and attractive media and materials work within a retial envirnonment.

Retail Application