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September, 2019

Warmroom® Competition!

With winter approaching, it's time to think about those heating bills!

Warmroom®, our magnetic heat-saving product, can be installed by anyone and, as proven by the University of Sheffield, reduces heat loss by up to 60%, slashing your bills and emissions!


The aluminium panels attach to the back of your radiator thanks to their magnetic backing, resulting in less heat escaping through walls, and more keeping you warm! Once applied, this cost-effective solution starts working immediately. It can be removed and reapplied time after time, whilst its edge-to-edge format ensures total coverage and maximum efficiency.


None of us likes bills, especially when they’re higher during the cold season. Let us help you save some money this winter and for all winters to come!

For a chance to win Warmroom® for your home, click below!

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September, 2019

Anchor Magnets & Guide Dogs

25 years ago, Caroline Matthews joined Anchor Magnets Ltd, and is a big part of the Anchor family. Sadly, her vision deteriorated. However, in July 2019 she had the fortune to meet Jack, who swiftly became her new partner in crime.

Caroline and Jack have been inseparable ever since, and Jack has transformed her life. We have all been part of this journey, laughing and crying together. Celebrating the amazing amount of support and stability guidedogs can add to someone’s life is such an important thing to remember and celebrate. Anchor Magnets contributed over 4000 very cute fridge magnets to the amazing team who we have worked with recently as a token of thanks. Caroline wanted to present this donation to support their fundraising efforts. All of the proceeds from the sales, across various charity teams, will go towards training another guide dog for the next lucky person.

"A huge thank you to the team at Anchor Magnets! They have seen the difference Jack has made to Caroline’s everyday life and by choosing to support in this way they are helping us continue to provide vital services to people living with sight loss in the Sheffield area." - Jo Berry, Community Fundraising Business Development Manager