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Magnetic Hooks


A well established retail accessory now available in 9 size options for solving overhead display challenges.Our 3 new additional sizes offer even higher holding forces, providing greater safety margins and solutions for heavier items. magnetic hooks


Ferrite Hook Magnets Table

An industry standard in retail display, since we developed it over 20 years ago. Finished in white plastic, the SP40 represents a price conscious solution for lighter overhead displays. magnetic hooks


mag hooks sizes

At only 16mm and 23mm diameter, these petit hook magnets work well on the narrow steel supports used on suspended ceilings. From there, your overhead messages can be safely hung for versatility and maximum impact. Neo Hook Magnets


 Neo Hook Magnets



– Hang promotional graphics – Using hook magnets with steel beams / struts overhead or our adhesive backed steel discs provides an excellent overhead display solution for posters and graphics. Why not take a look at MediaMag® – Retail Poster Holder too?

– Retail ceiling displays  – with different sizes and strengths available, hook magnets provide the perfect solution for ceiling displays of varying weight.